Almost everything about Microsoft's rumoured 'last Lumia' smartphone has leaked

Yesterday, Microsoft released its latest beta test build of Windows 10 "Redstone" - the version of Windows 10 that's widely expected to roll out in June or July.

Early this year, Microsoft reported that there were 200 million systems running Windows 10.

Microsoft isn't actually installing Windows 10 automatically, but installation is just a click or two away.

"This past holiday season we saw double the number of paid transactions for PC and tablet customers over the previous holiday season, and Windows 10 customer generate 4.5x more revenue per device when compared to Windows 8", Microsoft says.

Another week, another Windows 10 preview release. In any case, users always have the option to opt-out of any Windows 10 upgrade prompts.

Microsoft keeps a backup of your system for a month. Almost half of that total came from large companies paying for commercial licensing of server products, Microsoft Office, and Windows Enterprise edition upgrades. Other devices that are compatible with Windows 10 include tablets and smartphones.

SensorCore API's are now upgraded correctly from Windows Phone 8.1; allowing applications, including many fitness applications, to correctly access movement data.

The difference between Edge's poor showing and IE's relative success in holding onto Windows users has played a part in the precipitous decline in Microsoft's overall browser share during the past year.

Although there's been a lot of emphasis on Windows 10 popularity with consumers, businesses are Microsoft's most important customers.

Windows 10 has many improvements over its predecessors - especially Windows 8. For instance, the data will get "stored in an Azure region based on the country associated with the Azure AD directory", Microsoft explained. For instance, pasting files into a new.ZIP file should now work properly, and suggested apps should no longer appear in the Start menu if users have disabled this function in Windows Settings.

However, the roadmap also revealed that starting this year, Windows 10 will become a "recommended" update in Windows Update.

There's a big caveat to that adoption rate: Spiceworks gauged adoption rate based on companies that have at least Windows 10 device on their network, meaning that even the smallest of trials counts in that 18%.

When it comes to the Windows Store, games accounted for the most downloads and the most in-app purchases over the 2015 holiday season, according to a blog post published today by Microsoft.

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