China reports 1st Zika virus case, imported from Venezuela

The Zika virus has already taken hold in places like Honduras could spread

China reports 1st Zika virus case, imported from Venezuela

Frieden said Florida was one of the key tropical areas of the United States likely to face a challenge controlling Zika. A study published Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine provided new evidence strengthening the association between Zika virus and a spike in birth defects, citing the presence of the virus in the brain of an aborted fetus of a European woman who became pregnant while living in Brazil. The virus was reportedly first isolated in April 1947 from a rhesus macaque monkey that had been placed in a cage in the Zika Forest (zika meaning "overgrown" in the Luganda language of Uganda), near Lake Victoria by the scientists of the Yellow Fever Research Institute.

While the virus has been documented in breast milk, saliva and urine, it has not yet been confirmed if the virus can be transmitted through any bodily fluids other than blood. He said that keeping homes free of mosquitoes was the most effective way to contain the virus until a vaccine is developed. Two other patients past year also died from complications while they were infected with the virus.

He pointed out that Brazil and much of South America has been dealing with mosquito-borne dengue fever for the past two decades, and more recently Chikungunya, but "the apparent link that Zika has to microcephaly is reframing the context quickly".

Mosquito crews in Morris County are working this winter to target and clear out potential mosquito breeding grounds.

But while Democrats joined with the administration to call for more than US$1.8 billion (RM7.51 billion) in emergency funding, Republicans say there is no need for immediate action and intend to have hearings on Capitol Hill, including a meeting with US Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell yesterday.

American Airlines, for example, is allowing pregnant travelers and their traveling companions who are flying to foreign destinations where Zika is being locally transmitted to request refunds. But as many as 80 percent of people infected never develop symptoms. There is ample concern that the rapid spread of the Zika virus in recent years could lead to an outbreak in the U.S. A viral spread that previously took over a century to reach the Far East from Africa, spread through Mexico and the Caribbean within a year.

In that time, he said, the team made several important observations, including the determination that only about one in five people infected with the virus show symptoms. And sadly, no treatment or vaccine is now available to treat Zika infection. Because it can sometimes spread through sex, the World Health Organization said "until more is known about the risk of sexual transmission, all men and women returning from an area where Zika is circulating - especially pregnant women and their partners - should practice safe sex, including through the correct and consistent use of condoms".

"The arguments for sharing data and the consequences of not doing so (have been)... thrown into stark relief by the Ebola and Zika outbreaks", said a statement issued by signatories from around the world.

Use standard mosquito prevention if you are traveling to the affected areas.

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