David Bowie's Son Reacts To Lady Gaga's GRAMMYs Tribute

Lady Gaga delivered a powerful performance in memory of late music legend David Bowie at the Grammys on Monday - but not everyone was pleased.

Whatever the tweet may or may not have meant, Gaga received tons of praise for the tribute, which saw her cover 10 of Bowie's biggest hits - "Spade Oddity", "Changes", "Ziggy Stardust", "Suffragette City", "Rebel Rebel", "Fashion", "Fame", the bass lick of "Under Pressure", "Let's Dance", and "Heroes".

She also paid homage to Bowie with her red-carpet look.

Then she moved to a piano featuring hydraulics!

The performance was accompanied by Gaga's own Intel commercial.

In 2008, Gaga thanked Bowie "for inspiration" in the liner notes of her debut The Fame.

Bowie's son Duncan Jones - director of the upcoming "Warcraft" - sounded off on Twitter with perhaps the most intelligent critique anyone could possibly come up with.

Rich Fury/Rich Fury/Invision/AP In his short and negative review of the Lady Gaga performance, Duncan Jones called out the singer for her over-the-top Bowie obsession.

Jones issued his tweet around the same time Gaga, 29, donned a rather risqué ensemble as she celebrated the night away at Mark Ronson's after party at Elyx House in Los Angeles. "It's one of the longest, larger segments of the night".

It seems that Bowie has been on Gaga's mind quite a bit over the last few days, as she got a tattoo of his face in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

What are your thoughts on the Lady Gaga David Bowie Grammys party look and performance?



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