Detection of gravitational waves proves Einstein's hypothesis

Scientists from the California Institute of Technology, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the LIGO Scientific Collaboration discovered the gravitational waves as having originated from something that happened about 1.3 billion years ago.

With the detection of gravitational waves, which was met by great excitement in the physics world yesterday, a new window on the universe and its most violent phenomena is expected to open.

The discovery, based on ripples in space-time detected by LIGO, supports a prediction made by Albert Einstein that's essential to his general theory of relativity.

The collision of two black holes at near-light speed sent a gravitational wave pulsing through the fabric of space-time. "And, surprisingly, the source of the waves is a system of two black holes in orbit around each other that spiral inward and smash together".

A new recording captures the moment a gravitational wave flew past Earth, proving long-held theories and potentially giving insights into the very deepest parts of the universe. In fact, this caused so much doubt to Einstein regarding the prospect of gravitational waves being ever detected that he twice declared them "non-existent" before reverting to his original position.

"Research on gravitational waves has scientific significance, [contributing to] the detection of mineral or water resource distribution and propelling the development of technologies such as laser physics and space technology", Li stressed. "We are not only going to be seeing the universe - we are going to be listening to it".

"This is the first of many discoveries", said Dr. Gonzalez in an interview with NBC Latino.

One answer to the query "why is today's announcement of the discovery of gravitational waves important, and what the ramifications are?" impressed readers beyond all others. The ability to detect them has the potential to revolutionize astronomy.



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