Heart Attack Symptoms Are Different In Women

Pink ice at Wings Event Center Kalamazoo

Pink ice at Wings Event Center Kalamazoo

HEART disease remains one of the country's leading killers. Regular physical activity however can lower your risk for heart disease.

"By informing citizens about cardiovascular disease and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, heart disease can be tackled and lives can be saved", James said. It's as important as exercising and staying active each day. You can be thin and have high cholesterol.

"Historically, heart disease was thought to be more of a man's disease, but that's not true". A 2012 study by the American Heart Association found that sleep-deprived individuals consumed 549 more calories per day than their rested counterparts. One great place to start: Your sleeping patterns. If you're smoking, quit. This type of pain is often confused with daily stress or tension and can be overlooked as a possible sign of heart issues.

Still, the numbers aren't good. The Go Red For Women Event raises money for research and education to prevent heart disease and stroke throughout South Dakota. Symptoms in men and women differ and the latter is more likely to die from heart disease due to late diagnosis and atypical symptoms. Go to atlantagored.heart.org to support the American Heart Association and get involved. While TV shows may provide us with familiar images of paramedics conducting CPR, the reality is CPR is very hard to perform correctly, especially in the high-pressure situations and fast-moving ambulances that characterize most treatments for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.

A heart check typically includes both a blood pressure and a cholesterol check. Often people are not aware that they have a problem until they experience a frightening coronary event. You don't have to invest in a big exercise program. While you might be able to function normally on just a few hours of sleep, your heart may actually be suffering. Products should be taken as a whole, and consumers should still examine product labels to make informed decisions about the food. If you are watching TV on your couch, get up and walk during the commercials. It is caused by a buildup of plaque, which is a substance of cholesterol and fat which collect on artery walls that supply blood to the heart.

For example, restaurant servings in the United States are about 25 percent larger than in France, and ice cream servings are more than 40 percent larger. Foods heavy in salt are bad. Be mindful about what you are eating. Your diet must also include foods high in fiber such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts. Try to cut down on saturated fat, added sugar and sodium.

With a long line of family members who suffered from cardiovascular disease, heart health is something Suiter takes seriously. Doctors recommend increasing a woman's awareness of her own body as heart disease symptoms in women are subtler.

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