Hillary's Email Excuse Misleading at Best — Ex-FBI Chief

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Hillary's Email Excuse Misleading at Best — Ex-FBI Chief

In the Feb. 2 letter, FBI General Counsel James Baker wrote to the State Department's acting legal advisor, Mary McLeod, saying that revealing details about the ongoing investigation could end up subverting it.

However, Baker wrote, the FBI has not publicly acknowledged this focus, scope or any potential targets of such proceedings. Rival Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has repeatedly declined to use the FBI investigation against Clinton, but a rising number of Democratic supporters want an alternate candidate ready, just in case the FBI investigation shows extensive wrongdoing.

"Thus... we remain unable [to] provide [details about the case] without adversely affecting on-going law enforcement efforts", he concluded.

In late January, a source who is close to the investigation by the Justice Department said that the investigation was very ongoing and with reference to if the DOJ would seek to get an indictment against Clinton, said that no decision was made on the matter either way or the other.

Nice of the FBI to confirm its investigation of its investigation into Hillary's email the day before NH primary.

Given her self-declared vast experience as a senator and secretary of state, once Hillary Clinton read an email, she should have known that the contents contained classified material and she should have taken action to protect the contents immediately.

The probe into the private email server has been a poorly kept secret since last summer, forcing Clinton to defend her actions at almost every turn on the campaign trail. "Clinton's conduct was a severe error in judgment that grossly endangered our national security and put highly classified information at risk".


According to the organization, the newly released documents demonstrated Clinton used the clintonemail.com system to request Abedin print out two March 2011 emails from former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

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