Irate "Model" Teacher Caught Lashing Out At Brooklyn Success Academy Student

Undercover footage reveals shocking teacher's behaviour towards tiny students

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However, the Times says 20 teachers from Success Academy - past and present - reported that an aggressive and extreme teaching style was rewarded and very much embedded in the charter school's culture.

In the video, a first- glade classroom is sitting in a circle going over math equations.

A video was secretly recorded by an unidentified assistant teacher of a class engaged in a math problem.

As the story gathered steam on social media on Friday, Moskowitz tweeted in support of the teacher and her schools, calling on the Times to tell the "whole truth". Dial then grabbed the girl's paper and ripped it in half, before yelling, "Go to the calm-down chair and sit!"

On Friday, after the New York Times published a video showing a Success Academy teacher lashing out at a first grader, Success CEO Eva Moskowitz again sought to portray the behavior as an isolated incident.

"I'm exhausted of apologizing", Moskowitz said at a press conference. She has since returned to the classroom, the Times reports. After the video surfaced, Dial kept her position.

"I felt sick about the teacher I had become", Jessica Sliwerski, a former Success Academy teacher and assistant principal, says of her experience with the school system. Also, in the same angry shout: "You're confusing everybody".

That's a lot of schools and a lot of children - so many that the Success Academy has been a frequent subject of investigative educational journalism.

Success Academy, where the events of the video took place, is a charter school, which means only some students are accepted to these schools that typically have more rigorous curriculums.

This is the second time in five months that the Success Academy has come under scrutiny as a result of a New York Times article.

"She was reprimanded within 24 hours of [us] getting that video", Moskowitz said. She said that, starting in third grade, when children begin taking the state exams, embarrassing or belittling children for work seen as slipshod was a regular occurrence, and in some cases encouraged by network leaders. Ms. Moskowitz claimed that because Ms. Dial "so desperately wants her kids to succeed and to fulfill their potential", what was shown was just a lapse and wasn't representative of the school.

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