Johnny Manziel's father fears for his son, saying he is refusing treatment

After Dallas Police stated on Thursday that they had closed the case and no charges would be filed, the DPD made a decision to launch a criminal investigation into the domestic violence allegations against Manziel. "A criminal investigation into the incident, in which Johnathan Manziel is the listed suspect, has been initiated". They noted it is not uncommon for victims of domestic violence to question or delay reporting an assault.

Charlie Sheen, who ranted about tiger blood in 2011 after he was sacked from Two and a Half Men, sent a tweet to Manziel on Saturday, which encouraged the Browns quarterback to "get a fresh start".

Crowley said she was hit by Manziel during the incident. Manziel spent more than two months in a treatment facility following his rookie year in the NFL.

Manziel's agent, Erik Burkhardt, expressed "deep regret" in deciding to end the business relationship with a personal he considers a close friend.

His off-field incidents in recent weeks have been not only an incredible distraction for the Cleveland Browns and signs of major stupidity and immaturity, but they have gotten to the point where the general public and those close to Manziel have become genuinely concerned. With his own father recently saying that he fears that his son won't make it, to see his 24 birthday if he continues this way and with reports that Manziel has refused rehab twice in the past week, the situation is looking more and more dire for the former Texas A&M quarterback. But that apparently might not be an option, according to a report in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "I truly wish the best for Johnny and sincerely hope he can, and will, find the kind of peace and happiness he deserves".

Vincent said the league has reached out to both the Browns coaching staff and Manziel's family asking the quarterback to consider a helping hand.

"I'm proud to be from a military family, and I'm also proud to be part of an organization such as the National Football League that recognizes the sacrifice and dedication that our nation's soldiers, and their families, devote to this country".

The Browns have already said they plan to dump Manziel next month. Manziel was cleared of any wrongdoing a year ago after he and Crowley got into a heated roadside argument near the player's home.

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