Latest Windows 10 Update Fixes Edge's Private Browsing Issue

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Latest Windows 10 Update Fixes Edge's Private Browsing Issue

The accompanying notes indicate this update fixes problems across Windows 10, including authentication and update installation, app downloads, Windows 10 Mobile, and Internet Explorer 11.

Microsoft also has cumulative update records, KB3135173 and KB3135174, with additional helpful information.

Moreover, the Windows 10 update history page also mentions there being two Windows 10 updates being released simultaneously. The vast majority of software developers out there publish change logs when they update their wares, but for some reason, Microsoft has historically declined to do that for its latest OS.

Microsoft today launched a dedicated page for keeping track of Windows 10's release notes.

According to News4C, it was in October when Microsoft has introduced the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL devices as the company's flagship handsets.

That's the tactic Microsoft took with its latest operating system; update details are largely on a need-to-know basis. For more info, see Windows 10 servicing options.

Latest Windows 10 Update Fixes Edge's Private Browsing Issue

Before anything, note that there's still no confirmed evidence that this might be related to Windows 10 Mobile.

If you use Windows 10 and have wondered what goes into the updates you have been installing, Microsoft has this week made available windows 10 update history, which provides a list of everything that is included in the recent updates that have been rolled out. Windows runs locally on people's machines, and broken updates can quickly lead to broken computers, as has been reported on more than one occasion since Windows 10 launched.

"Performance is non-negotiable for our customers, and is critical to the success of their cloud-driven businesses", said Nicole Herskowitz, senior director of product marketing, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Corp. That scheme involves a "current branch" release, followed by a "current branch for business" release, which happens about four months later.

Complicating things is the fact that Microsoft now offers two distinct "branches".

When it comes to the release date, Softpedia reports that it could happen on February 15, but Microsoft has not confirmed it yet so stay tuned. For now, Microsoft is only releasing bug fix patches for Windows 10 as it continues work on the major "Redstone" update for later this year. The update that arrives for an organization will depend on which service branch they are using. That's really very obscure (and confusing) information, but it's missing in the main Windows 10 history page.

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