Lunar New Year: Year of the Monkey

Chinese zodiac personality traits- ahead of the Chinese New Year

CHINESE NEW YEAR Here’s everything you need to know Chinese zodiac personality traits- ahead of the Chinese New Year

In 2013, CNN reported that almost 30 million Koreans visited their hometowns during the Lunar New Year. Chinatown's traditional New Year parade is planned for the 14th of February, when the official celebrations in London are set to begin. It is always something that the students look forward to celebrating during the cold, bleak winter.

The holiday is more than just these festive trappings: it is the longest - 15 days - and most important holiday for people of Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and other East Asian heritages, wherever they live in the world. Lion dancers shimmied their way to the park surrounded by onlookers trying to snap photos, and vendors sold primate-themed souvenirs representing the Year of the Monkey. On Chinese New Year day, one might wear red: a traditionally auspicious color.

They also decorated cakes and biscuits with monkey cake toppers to help mark the year of the monkey, took part in a dragon race, and played "pass the lion hat", where they all received a red lucky bag containing a chocolate money treat and information about lucky bags.

In light of the ongoing festivities, here are some things you might not know about the Chinese New Year.

"The lunar New Year, also called the Spring Festival, has been celebrated in China for 4,000 years".

In China and other countries with a significant Chinese population, the Lunar New Year is celebrated as a public holiday which is a holiday filled with tradition and symbolism.

Each new year is marked by one of 12 animals from the Chinese zodiac: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig.

The Japan Tourism Agency confirmed that Chinese tourists made up 40 percent of total consumption by foreigners in the year 2015 and spent an average of 2,393 dollars in the Japanese country. (REUTERS/Jason Lee) A man walks inside the Parkview Green shopping center on the eve of the Chinese Lunar New Year, in Beijing, China, February 7, 2016. "We will continue to hold colorful activities to attract more visitors to Nanjing town", said Hiroshi Takigawa, head of the executive committee of the Spring Festival celebration of Nanjing town.

Every year when Spring Festival draws near, people do a thorough clean of their home and go out of the way to prepare lots of delicious, gourmet food, as well as but new clothing.

In China, the tradition of fireworks is believed to bring good fortune and to scare evil spirits away from the year to come.

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