Microsoft to shove Windows 10 down your throat!

That is, once you've paid for Windows by getting it with a new PC, usually-you're entitled to free upgrades for the life of that device, just as you are (basically) on Android and iOS.

While the update would download automatically, Microsoft has stated that users would still need to confirm and agree to the actual OS installation before the entire upgrade process gets initiated. It's part of a multi-pronged strategy that analysts credit with contributing to the early stages of a financial turnaround, as evidenced by Microsoft's latest earnings report on Thursday. But starting this week, it's also pushing it out to those who haven't requested it - and who might not want it. You should pay for Windows when it's new.

Microsoft also shared that over 3 billion visits have been made to the Windows Store since the Windows 10 launch.

At the end of past year, Microsoft claimed that 200m business PCs were using Windows 10 and that three-quarters of large enterprises were piloting the software.

Tech giant Microsoft has announced that it will start forcing Windows 10 updates on all systems that are eligible for the free update.

So what does that mean for you? If a driver update isn't available, you might find yourself with a dead accessory.

Because Edge works only on Windows 10, and IE only on Windows, it's relatively easy to calculate the percentages.

Users on the Windows Central Forums found that a search for the popular game Traffic Rider resulted in many fake applications which use variations of the name of the game. The Windows 10 system must be Azure AD joined or joined to an on-premises Active Directory that is set to automatically register with Azure AD. There are potential changes needed in hardware, infrastructure and security that can all provide resellers with a chance to talk to the user about their IT strategy.

Microsoft may not be moving very fast on the Windows 10 Mobile Insider side of their testing program but those members who are participating on the desktop side of the OS test are quite happy tonight.

The introductory upgrade prices for Vista's successor, Windows 7, were described as a "screaming deal" at $50 and $100 for the Home Premium and Pro editions, respectively. By then, it might be time for a new computer anyway. Getting Windows 10 shouldn't affect your photos and other documents, though there's always a risk of a meltdown with any major upgrade.

"They tried to bring back some of the familiar like the start menu, the file access, everything", Stinson said.

The latest operating system has also seen positive reviews from critics and users in technology websites.

Improvements in a migration of data profiles and messaging settings when upgraded from Windows Phone 8.1. Your files should be OK, but you'll lose any apps installed after upgrading to Windows 10.

For those who were unfortunate enough to allow the upgrade, they may revert back to their previous version of Windows in 31 days.

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