Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy ordered held

Bundy was arrested last week when he arrived in Oregon to support his sons, who are accused of leading a weekslong occupation at a national wildlife refuge.

Bundy's attorney said on Tuesday that Bundy and Nevada state representative Michele Fiore, who was instrumental as an intermediary between the FBI and the remaining occupiers last week, were supposed to fly together to Oregon, but that Bundy missed that earlier flight. When he entered the court room, a man stood and raised his arms in the air in a show of support.

Cliven Bundy was denied bail in Portland, Oregon, on Tuesday, the Guardian reports. A federal judge says Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy should stay behind bars because he's a danger to the community and a risk for failing to show up for future court dates. The complaint against Bundy describes the ensuing confrontation, on April 12, as "a massive armed assault against federal law enforcement officers".

Bundy's son Ammon was the leader of a group who was occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, fighting to change federal land use policies. "Almost to a person, those officers thought they were going to die that day". Basically, he doesn't think the federal government should be a thing.

Bundy is scheduled to have a pretrial hearing on Friday. In the post, Cliven Bundy "suggests" that Harney County ranchers Steven and Dwight Hammond, who are presently in jail for setting two fires on the public land where they grazed their cattle, seek protective custody in county jail as a way to avoid serving their federal sentences.

Prior to being arrested, the Bundy Ranch Facebook page had stated that Cliven Bundy was coming to Oregon, and urged more militants to travel to the wildlife refuge to support the final four holdouts there.

Grefenson asked the court if he could call Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore via cellphone as a witness, but the judge found it not relevant.

A family member said the patriarch isn't dangerous or a criminal and should be released to his home.

He said Fiore was then supposed to pick up Bundy at the airport, but she headed to the refuge once she received word the situation was escalating.

"I agree with the government, if he's released and goes back to his ranch that will be the last the court will see of him", Stewart said.


Before Bundy's Tuesday hearing, daughter-in-law Briana Bundy told the Associated Press that a federal judge in Oregon should have let the 69-year-old live at home while he awaits trial. Foreshadowing the armed occupation he would later spearhead with his brother, Ammon Bundy characterized the 2014 standoff as a minor skirmish in a larger battle against the government.

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