Obama Pal and Donor Gayle King to Interview President for Super Bowl

In an interview with CBS' Gayle King on Super Bowl Sunday, President Obama and the first lady, Michelle Obama, talked about everything from Super Bowl traditions to advice for the next presidential couple.

"The girls are frustrated sometimes", Michelle Obama added.

Mashable notes that King had asked about the simpler pleasures of living in the White House, asking how the water pressure was and whether there were any other issues. 'This is an old building so there's a lot of dead spots where the Wi-Fi doesn't work'.

Forget the big game and all those pizza bagel bites - the president's final Super Bowl interview was where the real excitement was at on Sunday afternoon. 'Then there's the outside room where all the kids are fooling around, and then there's the champagne room. Michelle Obama insisted that she got along wonderfully with every staffer in the White House, and complained that she was tagged as nosing around in the West Wing policy decisions: "that's been an image that people have tried to paint of me since, you know, the day Barack announced, that I'm some angry black woman". Considering that King has partied at the White House, viewers of the pre-game show shouldn't expect tough questions from the CBS This Morning co-host. "Then there's what I call the 'champagne room.' That's where my mother sits, where you don't know what's going on but you are close to the champagne".

It's not every year the first lady joins him - months ahead of a presidential election, no less.

"We keep them away", President Obama joked.

King, referring to former first lady Hillary Clinton's current run for president, asked if Mrs. Obama had any thought about something similar.

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