Peyton Manning makes fun of sad Giants' Eli Manning with Jimmy Fallon

Watch Peyton Manning Magic Johnson smash eggs on their heads

Peyton Manning makes fun of sad Giants' Eli Manning with Jimmy Fallon

According to WTHR Channel 13, Johnson even offered to help Rams owner Stan Kroenke make the move if Manning is interested: "I tried to talk somebody out of retirement and come to the Rams", Johnson said, motioning towards Manning. "I will even chip in some money".

"I want to cheer for him if he doesn’t retire as a Ram", Johnson later said.

"Look, look, look", Johnson said.

Manning, for his part, played the aw shucks role he's been perfecting for the better part of two decades. "The Colts are going to draft me No. 1 in the National Football League draft tomorrow, '" Peyton Manning said.

The Los Angeles Rams reportedly are interested in adding some star power in the form of Peyton Manning to their roster and one prominent Los Angeleno thinks that's a great idea.

First Manning, fresh off his Super Bowl victory, clearly overconfident, slams an un-boiled egg into his forehead.

The big upset here would be if this conversation was entirely organic.

Giants quarterback Eli Manning has seen all the Internet memes making fun of Sad Eli Manning and he sounded okay with it while trying to explain the look on his face seen by millions at Sunday's Super Bowl. He had an opportunity to walk away after the Super Bowl and a chance to do it after the team's parade.

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