Robert Kraft trolls the Mannings after Peyton's Super Bowl win

The Broncos' Peyton Manning walks onto the field after the team won Super Bowl 50 against the Carolina Panthers. Manning said he wanted to drink a Budweiser after the game

Robert Kraft trolls the Mannings after Peyton's Super Bowl win

He claimed his second Super Bowl ring because of it, but asked about Peyton's rivalry with Brady, Kraft was ready with a hard comebacker.

Kraft felt the need to try and make Super bowl 50 about him and his team when he said "I happened to see Archie [Manning] there", Kraft said.

After all, Manning's Broncos bounced the Patriots from their seemingly annual trip to the Super Bowl this year. His brother Eli has won two titles with the New York Giants in 2007 and 2011.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft just couldn't resist reminding Peyton and Eli Manning, who has the most Super Bowls. One would expect to hear that from Brady's boss, but it also reinforces the notion that Kraft doesn't want to hear anything about Denver's win bolstering Manning's status as the all-time best at that position. In Bill Belichick's tenure in New England, he has lost nine playoff games - five of them have been to the Mannings.

The Peyton Manning craft beer package
The Peyton Manning craft beer package

Kraft's right - at least about the rings part. But Peyton is 3-1 against Brady in AFC Championship games and 3-2 against Brady in the postseason.

Another interesting point from the interview was his sorrow in regard to the Patriots having to play the AFC championship game on the road.

While the Manning family has certainly gone through its fair share of success, and definitely at the expense of the Patriots, Kraft has been the owner of the most successful team in American sports since he took over in 1994.

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