The Flash Season 2 Episode 13 Review - 'Welcome to Earth-2′

Danielle Panabaker on'The Flash

The Flash Season 2 Episode 13 Review - 'Welcome to Earth-2′

A few Earth-2 characters who are the exact opposite of their regular selves have been spoiled thoroughly already. Everyone put in a solid showing here, and minus a handful of extremely cheesy lines, I only had one other issue.

It’s always nice to have an audience surrogate on TV to react the same way that we would, so watching Barry and Cisco geek out when they first arrived to Earth 2 was flawless.

It's not all rousing successes for "Welcome to Earth-2" though. Joe gets hit. While Iris is distracted with her dad, Barry lures Caitlin and Ronnie outside and fights them off. It's Barry's own fault for putting Iris-2 and Joe-2 into harm's way, which means that he's directly responsible for Joe-2's death - not to mention Deadshot, Ronnie-2 and Cisco-2. He snatches Barry-2 up and brings him back to S.T.A.R. Labs, where Dr. Wells drugs him unconscious. Cisco has developed a gizmo that will neutralize Killer Frost's power.

While those evil doppelgangers were heavily hyped up, other unpleasant doubles weren't. Then an image of what might be the Flash costume worn by the hero back in the original 1990 series, a series that starred John Wesley Shipp (who now plays Barry's dad, Henry, in the current series) as the Scarlet Speedster. When Barry tries to greet him, Joe shows hostility, even tells him to call him Joseph. For example, he just about passes out when he discovers that not only is Iris a cop on this Earth, but the two of them are married. And a ton of Easter eggs. Still, just taking an established character and situation and making it the exact opposite, for good or evil, is a fairly easy concept to guess and can be quite lazy at times. The first part of the trip to another dimension has lived up to the hype. But there are more times where the opposite is true, in ways that are unavoidable as well. Earth-2 operates on a different frequency than Earth-1, so the Vibe glasses need adjustments to work.

Episode 13 of The Flash was certainly an interesting one, with Barry, Cisco and Earth-2's Harrison Wells all traveling to Earth-2 to rescue Wells' daughter from the clutches of Zoom. We can't wait to see if our Earth 1 Captain Cold finds out about his Earth 2 equivalent's position. Official Synopsis from the CW: "On Earth-2, the team races to find Zoom's lair and asks for help from the most unexpected source". Earth-2 Barry is really confused about new Barry until he sees Harry and geeks out. In fact, exploring a world and life that doesn't have the same tragedy as the old one, and is tempting to stay behind in, is nearly the exact same temptation Supergirl explored 24 hours earlier.

"Welcome to Earth-2" includes a number of references that vary between fun Easter Eggs aimed at appeasing meta-fans to potentially significant signs that foreshadow coming events.

Meanwhile, Earth-1 is under attack from another metahuman who goes by the name Geomancer (Adam Stafford).

Action and plot on Earth-1 still needs some fixing up, so it is all too fitting that Earth-1 is the B-universe in this episode.

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