Von Miller, 2 other Broncos fined by NFL for AFC title game

Image Facebook  Von Miller

Image Facebook Von Miller

About a week ago it was announced that the Oakland Raiders had the most cap room in the NFL - It was also about a week ago that Denver OLB Von Miller (Jan. 28) told reporters that he wanted to be the highest paid defensive player in the NFL. If he can have the same impact against Cam Newton in the Super Bowl, lifting the Broncos to a win, everything will be in his favor when he sits down to negotiate with John Elway. Miller - a huge hip-hop fan - stood right next to Weezy and Chris Brown as the rapper performed for the whole club ... make sure to watch Miller rapping along with all of the songs, it's pretty awesome!

This is an expected move, as Miller was set to become a free agent and has been asking for no less than the largest defensive contract in the league.

"I'm a totally different guy than I was a couple of years ago". "I knew him when he was young". "Just keep grinding. I'm here with you, brother". "When we met, Von, you know, he has a sense of objective", Goodell said. "The game is the way it is because of the players that have come before us", Miller said.

"He continues to do that, and he continues to impress us". You did a terrific job [Sunday]. Miller said. "Truly a blessing".

Twitter said that there were 16.9 million tweets about the game, sharply down from last year's 25.1 million.

Contract amount Chiefs LB Justin Houston received on a six-year deal last summer, and what Von Miller is likely to receive this year.

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