Von Miller uses science to troll Cam Newton on 'Saturday Night Live'

Denver Broncos defensive lineman Malik Jackson

Von Miller uses science to troll Cam Newton on 'Saturday Night Live'

Since the final win of the season, we've seen him just about everywhere but in today's MMQB, Peter King notes a major move Miller made that everyone missed. "These waves are everywhere in the universe, just like I'm everywhere when Cam Newton closes his eyes".

Already, Miller has ramped up his game accordingly. He ends by offering a new scientific equation: "M.E. equals M.V.P".

Before heading to the West Coast, where he'll present a Grammy at Monday night's presentation, Miller stopped by 30 Rockefeller Center on Saturday to take part in Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update".

It is being pointed out in the media now that on Cam Newton's fourth quarter fumble, Von Miller illegally batted the ball to his teammate.

Miller could've yelled "I'M ABOUT TO BAT THIS BALL" before swatting at it and gotten away with it. But give him credit for wisely pushing the limits of the rules as far as possible - the Broncos did it during the Super Bowl and it helped to land them a championship. "Pitcure two huge forces slamming together, like, say, me and Cam Newton". However, Miller actually studied poultry science at Texas A&M, and it was abundantly clear he wasn't talking about gravity.

Miller, again with his long left arm, reaches down and in the one millisecond the ball lies free, swipes it backward toward the Carolina goal line.

Che: "All right, it sounds like you're bragging".

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