Watch Super Bowl's Mountain Dew Puppy Monkey Baby Commercial

The big game is over, but a Super Bowl of another kind happens Monday in downtown Buffalo.

What was amusing was seeing the characters of Kung Fu Panda 3 doing an ad for Wix where they imitated a lot of past Super Bowl Commercials.

"Our whole aim was to be screened at the Super Bowl and we achieved that", he said. Television analytics company Samba TV determined that the most viewed commercial of the first quarter was from Squarespace, followed by AstraZeneca's opioid-induced constipation ad in the second quarter, "Doritos Dogs" in the third, and finally T-Mobile's Hotline Bling spoof in the last quarter.

Other measurements were experimented with, including a fascinating study of emoji usage by Stattleship, a Cambridge-based startup.

David Moore, the partner in charge at Bozell, said his favorite ad was the Amazon Echo spot featuring Alec Baldwin. It was a weird ad and not in a good way.

Some viewers laughed while others were a little put off by the "Ultrasound" ad, which showed a fictitious fetus kicking around in the womb as its oblivious and expectant father munched on Doritos.

He also called Toyota's "Heck on Wheels" and "The Longest Chase" spots a "home run" because it embraced their inner nerdiness and showed people that they're not ashamed of their reputation. Brandwatch also tracks sentiment and tells us that 54 percent of the buzz about this hashtag was negative, making it one of the most disliked ads of the day. The television commercials from last night's broadcast showed less overt sexism than in past years. It makes you pine for the Super Bowl Babies. In 2014 American Apparel was in hot water again for their ad featuring the topless women with the words "Made in Bangladesh" across her chest, and in 2015, Carl's Jr Super Bowl ad, featuring an almost naked Charlotte McKinney, got just as much attention as the puppy monkey baby ad did. The ad with Helen Mirren that outright insults drunk drivers felt like it was even in more bad taste. We make an effort to protect discussions from repeated comments — either by the same reader or different readers.

YouTube created the AdBlitz program nine years from now so users could watch some teasers before the game and the ads themselves as they got released during the game. Similar ads were done with Betty White and Robin Williams, using the appearance of the celebrity as the joke. Carstairs is a commercial filmmaker with Hollywood aspirations, and he saw Doritos' Crash the Super Bowl contest as an opportunity to expand his horizons.

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