Will Super Bowl 50 be Peyton Manning's last National Football League game?

At a pre-Super-Bowl press conference on Tuesday, Newton said race should not be a factor when discussing his on-field performance. This season has certainly been interesting. It's been a turbulent year, but as we get closer to the finish line it's good to remember what led up to this moment. The news from the rest of the division isn't much to talk about. "The best way is to keep winning a lot of games and making playoffs and hopefully you can somewhat control it. It is tough to make a change from new offensive coordinators or a new system". That is the same odds as the Arizona Cardinals and Green Bay Packers.

Both Miller and Ware will be playing in their first Super Bowl. He led the Panthers in sacks with 11, and he and fellow defensive tackle Star Lotulelei anchor the point of attack for Carolina's run defense.

As of late, Cameron Newton has been ripping the league to shreds. Cam has been leading the bunch that has a level of swagger that hasn't been seen since the 1985 Bears. "It's nearly like they're not going to settle for second best". Tom Brady beats you with his lightning quick release and precise passing. Cam Newton, who has literally spoken to the media for two hours this week, admitted that he was running out of ways to phrase things differently. If the Broncos are going to find a way to win Von and the rest of the crew are going to have to push for one more maestro performance that doesn't depend on the contribution of the offense.

The showdown could prove to be the final game of the illustrious career of Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

"I know he doesn't want to talk about his legacy, but as an outsider looking in, his impact on the National Football League and the quarterback position has been made". It doesn't help that the last time the Broncos qualified for the Super Bowl things went bad from the first snap on.

And when the Broncos have lost in the Super Bowl, they've been demolished. This is where Manning comes in. John Elway and Shannon Sharpe are among their former players in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, while Terrell Davis is a finalist this year and current quarterback Peyton Manning is a future Hall of Famer. I vote no, and here is why.

After assessing the area and figuring out what shots and scenery they wanted to showcase, the work really began.

For the Panthers to win, they must simply continue doing what they have been. You look at Cam, he had the one year at junior college and the one year at Auburn, so it's not like he's ever been a four-year starter.

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