Brothers Fake Zombie Appocalypse To Prank Little Sister

Inc. All rights

Inc. All rights

Their little sister is too afraid to watch the hit zombie television show The Walking Dead, so brothers Barrett and Cabot Phillips did what any good big brothers would do, they made little sister Millicent live through a zombie apocalypse.

The YouTube user Cabot Phillips, who has posted a number of amusing videos in the past two years, takes his pranks a step further and decides to trick his own sister.

They set up a detailed prank to convince her that an outbreak of the flesh-eating monsters had just occurred in Washington D.C. - and filmed the whole thing capturing her priceless reactions.

Despite being highly medicated and forced to speak with cotton balls stuffed in her cheeks, Millicent seems to hold her own when it comes to her brothers' ridiculous actions.

As Millicent was being driven home an emergency broadcast from the Center for Disease Control played on the radio.

Millicent garbles through a numb mouthful of cotton: "We have guns, why are you putting garden equipment in the vehicle?"

"The typical wisdom teeth videos are amusing but we wanted to do something a little different, and thought the zombie aspect might be a fun twist", Cabot Phillips told USAToday. Get me a knife!' she then comically cried when he handed her a gripper as a weapon. "How am I supposed to defend myself?"

When her brother breaks it to her that they can only take one pet - the cat or the dog - with them to Mexico, where, apparently, they will be safe from zombies.

But at least she can say "pants" in Spanish.

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