IPhone 7 Plus Rumors: Specs, Design. and Release Date

Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy S7 Edge

In addition to customers, Apple hopes the low monthly payments will appeal to business owners who'll purchase mass quantities of the device. The 4-inch iPhone was similar in shape and design with the older iPhone 5s but was equipped with latest components including the A9 processor and NFC feature to provide more and faster access to mid-tier market.

A set of iPhone SE handsets is seen on display during a media event at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California on March 21, 2016. It has done away with the pressure-sensing 3D Touch technology and also made do with a first-generation Touch ID sensor. Score a win for AAPL, as far as I'm concerned.

As mentioned, the iPhone SE runs iOS 9.3 off the box.

Pros: Performance, battery life, starting price of "just" $399. The leasing option is available for all iPhone models and iPad.

Macworld gave a glowing review of the iPhone SE. However, like with the audio jack rumor above, it's possible that iPhone 7 Plus could be more feature-rich (or rebranded as a Pro device), with the regular iPhone 7 missing out on features like the dual camera system. One of the biggest upgrades from the old iPhone 5s - the body of which is mimicked by the iPhone SE - is the Apple Pay compatibility.

"When it came to phone calls, the sound was constantly cutting in and out and sounded "scratchy" and distorted", says a user, who can otherwise listen to music or play YouTube videos through Bluetooth seamlessly. A lot of people drop their phones in the water and whatnot so generally speaking they'll want a better phone that can withstand a lot of water pressure rather than being more careful.

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Some leaks suggest the iPhone 7 will have to distinct camera lenses at its back.

What those specs essentially mean is that even though the iPhone SE boasts of having the smallest screen, it's just as sharp as the iPhone 6 and the 6s. What's interesting with the iPhone is that irrespective of the display size, you get a consistent display experience at the exact same pixel density of 326ppi.

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MEMORY: This area is where Apple has been making mistakes.

Shots fired, Harry Potter! Personally, on the larger devices, I prefer the fingerprint scanner to be at the rear. Pretty good, but still the least flattering of the iPhone SE reviews accumulated here. No. And that is the beauty of the iPhone SE.

So, all in all, pretty solid reviews across the board. Aside from weighing one gram more (at 113 grams), the only tells are the tiny "SE" logo on the lower portion of the phone's back and the fact that it can be had in the company's signature rose gold hue (as well as Space Grey, silver, and gold).

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