Ivanka and Eric Trump didn't register in time to vote in NY

During a phone conversation on Monday morning with "Fox and Friends", Donald Trump revealed that two of his adult children - Ivanka and Eric - are not registered to vote as Republicans in NY, where they live. They feel very guilty, but it's fine.

Social media users still lambasted Trump's children for their apparent forgetfulness, with Huffington Post editor Mike Signorile writing: "He's 32, she's 34, and they never even thought about registering until dad on ballot?"

Eric and Ivanka Trump Failed to register as Republicans in time.

The news is the capper on what has been a miserable start to the third month of primary voting for the front-runner.

"I mean, I understand that I think they have to register a year in advance, and they didn't".

Recent polls have all showed Trump leading his Republican rivals, Texas Sen. "So Eric and Ivanka, I guess, won't be voting", Trump continued. The deadline for new voter registrations is March 25th.

"Are you cutting off their allowance?" asked Fox's Steve Doocy. That means neither of them can vote in New York's closed primary, which requires residents to be registered either as a Republican or Democrat in order to participate in the corresponding party's primary.

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