Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Mobile OS For Nokia Lumia Users

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Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Mobile OS For Nokia Lumia Users

While it's hardly the juggernaut that is Windows 7, which has more than 50 percent of computers running it, and Windows 10 holds second with almost 15 percent, still, 10 percent of the world using a version of Windows Microsoft refuses to even update anymore. In the past it would depend on the light and the camera would make a decision made on that.

Till Microsoft hasn't officially begun talking about Redstone yet, the company's new roadmap website gives businesses a taste of the kinds of features they can expect in both of these upcoming editions of Windows 10. The latest build update was released last week, and the newer update is rumored to be for next week, with more improvements and changes to the menu.

Despite support and security updates ending for Windows XP two years ago, the hugely popular operating system still has a 10.9 percent market share. After conversion, developers can add Windows 10 features like Live Tiles, push notifications and in-app purchases at their own pace. Some users are reluctant to update their systems due to a variety of reasons and this freeware can come as a big relief to them.

Recently available (Features rolled out by Microsoft as of recent times): This includes features like Microsoft Passport and Windows Hello, Device Guard, BitLocker etc and other business features already available on the operating system.

Cortana notifications will finally show up in the Action Center.

The roadmap did not provide details on the expected release date for the features in development and public preview. Also, Android users will be able to send messages from a Windows 10 PC, and Microsoft will introduce more features in the Anniversary Windows 10 Update that will allow Android to connect with Windows 10.

Windows Defender is making a comeback with better protection.

Windows phones with Continuum will support other laptop-like docks. However, just like all subscription services, using Deezer comes with a price, as you need to pay 6.99 euros a month for Deezer Premium Plus, to use the service on your Windows 10 Mobile device.

Microsoft's roadmap also focuses heavily on the Continuum for Phones feature, which delivers a PC-like experience from your phone when connected to a display.

Enhancements to Azure AD Join improve its functionality in enterprise environments. "It converts a desktop Windows installer such as MSI or exe to an AppX package that can be deployed to a Windows 10 desktop", notes the tool's description.

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