Verizon Strike Causing Installation, Repair Delays

Verizon Strike Causing Installation, Repair Delays

Verizon Strike Causing Installation, Repair Delays

Verizon workers on strike are causing some prescription problems for a CVS in Rhode Island.

A union representing striking Verizon workers said that several of its members have been struck by cars while on the picket line this week.

CVS said customers can go to other stores to avoid a hassle. These union workers belong to the Verizon Mid-Atlantic and Northeast wireline businesses, providing landline 'phone, television and Internet services. But the protesters say those workers don't know as much. "We simply can not compromise on contract changes that would ship more work overseas and have our families separated for months at a time". "We're working hard with customers to prioritize fix above activations and provisioning because we owe that to our existing customers". "We've been trying to bargain with them, and they don't want to bargain".

Marc Reed, Verizon's chief administrative officer, said in the release that union leaders "have their own agenda rooted in the past and are ignoring today's digital realities".

One day after the strike, a handful of customers lodged their complaints on the company's customer service website under its no-show after scheduled installation appointment and internet outages. McConville said the employees "make very modest contributions" to their healthcare premiums, but the company "bears the vast majority of all employee healthcare costs and will continue to do so".

In preparation for these unforeseen events, Verizon has trained thousands of non-union workers to maintain the company's services. In 2012, agreements between Verizon and the unions were ultimately achieved through mediation conducted under the auspices of FMCS.

The strike affected Verizon's service across many U.S. East Coast states, including Virginia, Massachusetts and NY.

Unions "are ready and eager to get back to the bargaining table if Verizon executives are ready to get serious about negotiations", they said in a statement.

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