AC/DC to kick off tour with Axl Rose

AC/DC to kick off tour with Axl Rose

AC/DC to kick off tour with Axl Rose

AC/DC resumed its tour with Axl Rose on vocal duty last weekend in Portugal, looking no worse for the wear, according to reports. "It was the first AC/DC show with lead vocalist Axl Rose on loan from Guns N" Roses.

Despite missing a few minutes of the scheduled time of the concert, Axl Rose was able to compensate with his great performance during the show.

It's another hard blow for AC/DC, who had already lost founding rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young to a battle with dementia prior to the release of their most recent album, Rock or Bust.

Not so the band's replacement singer: Axl Rose. He will most likely get back with AC/DC in the late summer/early fall to make up the band's postponed USA dates. 'I wanted her to see the original band'.

"Nice to meet you!" shouted the 54-year-old rocker as he took to the stage wearing his trademark bandana under a hat, but confined to a chair because of a broken foot.

Replacing band members is fortunately something that AC/DC have been good at: Brian Johnson replaced Bon Scott after his tragic death in 1980, cementing his place with a stellar debut in the band's seventh album, Back In Black.

AC/DC without Johnson will always be anathema to a number of old-time followers, but as its new frontman has proven, a fresh face is also a welcome change to many.

Axl Rose will join AC/DC for their European tour and a series of postponed United States dates.

The Telegraph's Catherine Gee said, "for two hours [Rose] hit every note and sent it to the heavens. he did a bang-up job".

Axl Rose is back - back in black with AC/DC
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