E3 Category Suggests Microsoft Are Joining The VR Race

Michael Pachter has made new estimates for console sales for the month of August which has the Xbox One gaining ground on PS4, and the Wii U jumping significantly on the back of Mario Kart 8. What's more likely though is that the better Xbox One deals will be sold out before the promotion runs out as you're getting over $130 in freebie values from this offer. It is possible that the company is one of the four listed above.

Microsoft is making big moves on Windows, leveraging the operating system to get more content and players into the Xbox ecosystem.

Fans may remember Xbox chief Phil Spencer's comments on the subject of Virtual Reality and how Microsoft would not explore it if they couldn't bring something new to the table. This puts the 500GB Xbox One model at $299, whereas the 1TB model is now $319.

We've certainly been spoiled by updates for Xbox One. They also see it as an opportunity to get involved in more of the artistic and tech-based departments in the conference's universities. By shifting the Xbox division's focus from multimedia to gaming, Spencer has done much to undo the damage caused by his predecessor, Don Mattrick. But considering everything mentioned above, it wouldn't be totally outlandish for Microsoft to reveal some of its virtual reality plans at this year's Xbox showcase. The 2017 Xbox unit is codenamed Scorpio. Here, we discuss all we know so far about the Xbox One VR. According to sources, the Scorpio will have six teraflops of computational power. That doesn't mean it will necessarily come out, but there seems to be an interest.

Microsoft has confirmed that not only will Halo Wars 2 be at E3 2016, but that it will also be playable.

It's no great secret that the Xbox One is a sideshow to Microsoft's corporate interests with Windows 10.

For 2016, gamers could be looking at a slimmer, more compact version of the Xbox One to be released.

What is interesting though is that these titles have been, or will be, released as Xbox 360 digital codes.

Xbox One "Will Always be Behind the PS4..." The PlayStation Neo will have an improved GPU, and a recent report said the new release is coming because PlayStation VR was "going to be terrible" on current hardware.

Gamespot reported the slashed prices for Xbox One units.

The console, which will have an August 2016 release, will be 40 percent smaller, and could feature a 4K video support and a larger 2TB hard drive, sources say.

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