Imprisoned man claiming to be Prince's son comes forward

A Missouri man now serving time in federal prison has come forward claiming to be Prince's only biological son.

His mother, Marsha Henson, submitted a sworn statement saying that she met the singer-whose full name is Prince Rogers Nelson-at a Kansas City hotel in July 1976.

An incarcerated Missouri man claims he is Prince's son and "sole surviving heir" in paperwork filed in Minnesota probate court on Monday. The singer left no will, according to his sister, Tyka Nelson, the Daily News reports.

The experience of other celebrity estate cases suggests more claims against Prince's estate are likely, and they may not all be legitimate. She says she hadn't had sex for six weeks prior to meeting Prince, and that she remained celibate throughout her pregnancy. Prince would have been 18 at the time.

Williams is represented by the same Florida lawyer who worked with Prince for several years in the 2000s. Children are first in line to inherit the estates of their deceased parents under Minnesota law. Williams is believed to be now serving jail time on weapon charges, Daily Mail reported.

The alleged love child is now serving a seven-year sentence in a maximum security federal prison after pleading guilty to unlawfully transporting a firearm in 2013. Williams, whose hip-hop moniker is Prince Dracula, was born April 8, 1977.

It was recently revealed that around 700 people have come forward to stake a claim towards the "Raspberry Beret" singer's estate. His first album, "For You", didn't come out until 1978, followed by "Prince" in 1979.

And that does not include an extensive cache of unreleased recordings he was said to have locked away in a vault at his Paisley Park home studio complex in Minnesota where he died. Williams requested DNA testing to establish paternity.

Meanwhile, in a September 2015 post, Williams posted images of a child-along with one black-and-white professional image of Prince-with the words "My Family And My Dad". William's claims will soon be put to the test, as a Carver County judge has also reportedly ruled in favor of releasing a blood sample of the late singer, obtained from the coroner, to be used in the paternity test.

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