IPhone 7's reported leak is the most detailed yet

Tristan Fewings | Getty Images

Tristan Fewings | Getty Images

The reliable leaker OnLeaks has provided new potential iPhone 7 blueprints to USwitch. Apple desperately needs a big hit and this could be it.

The spoils come via Catcher Technology, a casing manufacturer for Apple, and they show off the suspected final design of the iPhone 7 from all angles, with a back and front view and also side views which confirm a few of the rumours that have been floating around recently.

The smaller model lacks the Smart Connector.

The larger iPhone will probably replace the iPhone 6S Plus as the iPhone 7 Plus and the leaks back up the expectation that it will have a dual-lens camera which will have a better zoom function and allow you to take more impressive pictures. The positioning is the same as on the standard iPhone 7 but on this image the lens tech has a more oblong housing, suggesting perhaps those speculated dual-lenses might live there.

Interestingly neither phone appears to have a headphone socket, possibly meaning that wireless headphones will have to be used, or they will be connected via the Lightning Dock.

The models have the same dimensions as the iPhone 6S and the 6S Plus.

Furthermore, the blueprints suggest that Apple will do away with the "Plus" tag released for the iPhone 6.

The iPhone 7 Plus/iPhone 7 Pro may also sport a pressure-sensitive home button and there's even talk of a Smart Connector like you'll find on the iPad Pro range, though not all sources agree on that and we doubt Apple would stick one on a phone.

Ask The Big Question: What are you hoping for from the iPhone 7?

Having said that it really doesn't need to get much thinner - it's more the length and width that we're anxious about, so hopefully rumors of a super slim design don't pan out, especially if it comes at the expense of battery life or a 3.5mm headphone port. Both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are believed to be heading for a September debut which would fit historically with previous iPhone launches.

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