Microsoft Lumia 950 May Not Have Likeability Factor

Biometrics, a technology that Microsoft has included in 2012, is giving users easy access to systems, services and resources, and older Windows operating systems received Windows Biometric Framework, a set of services and interfaces that brought fingerprint biometric devices support using a set of components. Microsoft has been emphasizing their 3rd party OEM business and have been concentrating on the business and enterprise segment for Windows Mobile delivery, rather than the consumer segment which the feature phone business represents. In February, the Lumia 650 was announced, which was reportedly the last Lumia.

But this time we won't talk about a new build that Microsoft has released for Insiders, as we'll focus on fingerprint support, a feature that will surely be useful for owners of the HP Elite x3 smartphone. Simultaneously, word has it that the company is keen on reforming its internal mobile division.

The Windows 10 Mobile, which has been supporting biometric authentication systems such as retina detection on its models Lumia 950, has taken three long years to adapt the technology that appeared first on the iPhones - to be precise with the iPhone 5S.

With its own mobile hardware now being scaled back, the firm hopes that more of its hardware partners will license Windows 10 Mobile for use on new devices, much like how it does with other SKUs of Windows.



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