Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Rumors and Release Date: Releasing in June?

As far as the specs of the upcoming Surface Pro 5 are concerned, it has been reported previously that it will be fueled by Kaby Lake Processor so that it can handle the power issues, faced by the previous model.

Given the anticipated enhancement via Redstone 2, the report claimed in its gathered rumors that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 model would be the "best way to showcase" of how "compelling" Windows 10 would eventually become.

The release dates for these devices, especially that of the Surface Pro 5 hybrid tablet, had been rumored to be coming in the past several months but had been delayed repeatedly.

For this reason the Surface Pro 5 may launch in between June and October this year.

We expect battery life to be superior on the Surface Book 2, but something we really want is to avoid all the problems that we've seen a year ago like outdated drivers, bad battery life, and many others. The Microsoft Surface Book 2 will allegedly have a 4K display and could feature the USB Type-C port that allows faster data transfer and a quicker charging.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 5 is expected to include the new built-in battery dock and Surface Pen in its default kit and be available with the base model onwards. The latest Surface dock and Pen is also in direct competition to Apple's iPad Pro Pen, which can be recharged with a lightning connector.

A model with the Intel Core i7 processor is expected to launch with a $999 price tag and the model with the i7 Extreme or a Skylake-U processor may cost from $1,599 and above.



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