Microsoft's Surface Phone: will we actually get one?

Windows 10 Anniversary update will prepare the software for the cross-platform compatibility and "for supporting background downloads of torrents on Windows 10 Mobile", according to MS Power User.

Surface Books turning blue screen when using Windows Hello has been fixed.

The updated Windows Ink ruler now includes a compass. He can alter, reschedule and ask how much time is left for the deadline that has already been set. If you notice scanning conflicts between Windows Defender and a 3 party antivirus solution after upgrading to Windows 10 Anniversary Edition, you'll want to turn this one.

If you are aware about updates, no other details have been released on the possible new phone just yet, and Microsoft is choosing to stay silent regarding the rumours as well.

The bulk of the latest job cuts, 1,350, will fall on Microsoft Mobile Oy in Finland, the core of the Nokia Devices & Services business Microsoft spent more than $7 billion to acquire in 2014. The company says that six games will support full-screen mode with Windows Game bar: Diablo III, Counterstrike: Global Offensive, Battlefield 4, DOTA 2, World of Warcraft and Leagues of Legend. This will show status tags that give a short-form way to give status on feedback the developers are working on. The main idea behind the feature is to improve system security by using Windows Defender as a second opinion scanner on Windows 10 devices. The most interesting addition is this: You can now run two antivirus programs on your PC. It's a utility that changes your computer's settings to prevent operating system upgrades.

As with all Insider builds, this one will take a while as it's an in-place upgrade. They were promised that the Windows 10 Mobile OS update will be coming to them by the December of 2015, but after a series of delays, the update finally came out in the march of 2016. You don't want to put this on your primary production machine. The new build arrives with a number of fixes and a list of known issues for the PC desktop as well. The plan would be for users and other manufacturers to slowly build up interest and plug the glaring hardware hole in what is otherwise an impressive line-up of Surface devices made by Microsoft. If you're an Insider, let us know how things are going after the install in the comment section below.

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