Windows 10 Mobile Redstone Builds Bringing New Loading Circle Animation

Windows 10 Mobile Redstone Builds Bringing New Loading Circle Animation

Windows 10 Mobile Redstone Builds Bringing New Loading Circle Animation

It's all possible thanks to the upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which will introduce a Universal Windows Platform that unifies Xbox One and Windows 10 apps and storefronts. To avoid the upgrade, diehard resisters had to click a red "X" in the upper-right corner that closed the window.

MP Greg Hands, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, was among those who said he had been affected.

Microsoft said: "With the free Windows 10 upgrade offer ending on 29 July, we want to help people upgrade to the best version of Windows".

Microsoft is being accused of resorting to dirty tactics to try and get more systems to adopt the Windows 10 operating system. The company presented the upgrade as "Recommended" and tricked users into getting the new OS against their will because of the interestingly unclear prompt.

The desktop and mobile integration feature also mean that text messages, calls, and other app notifications from the phone are set to pop-up on the computer in just a few seconds.

Microsoft has recently been rather devious with the behaviour of its Windows 10 upgrade popup, according to reports. Just hitting X might one day find you waking up to a brand new, but possibly an unwanted version of Windows running on your PC. The app also allows users to rate new builds from the Microsoft team.

Earlier this year, the United States technology firm bumped its next-generation operating system from an Optional to a Recommended update, a move that meant the 3GB Windows 10 installer file downloads automatically to your machine.

Mr. Chacos wrote: "I've always been a vocal critic of the heavy-handed tactics that Microsoft's been using to force people into the upgrade". This still doesn't excuse Microsoft's behaviour, further tarnishing a reputation it's tried so hard to fix in the last few years.

It's something of an irony, then, that 21 years later it is the Windows 10 upgrade windows that shift the meaning.

Once you're there, you should see a "Notification Area Icons" window. "This is why - regardless of your upgrade path - you can choose to upgrade or decline the offer", Microsoft executive vice president Terry Myerson wrote in a blog post.

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