Facebook Official App on Windows 10 Devices

"Facebook is now turning its attention to the Windows 10 platform, as it released a beta version of its Windows 10 application into the Windows Store", Windows Central reported.

The mobile app that was available till now was developed by Microsoft on behalf of Facebook. However, it doesn't have the feature that allows you to integrate contact or calendar, which is a feature presented in the Microsoft version of the app. This move has ignited excitement among many Windows 10 users.

Interestingly enough, Facebook's current app for Windows 10 smartphones include Facebook branding, application programming interface (API) and design cues. As Windows 10 delivers significant innovations, many older devices are not able to upgrade successfully without an impact on the customer experience. All these features point out the information without the need of opening the app.

The Redmond giant has long awaited for the official Facebook app for Windows 10, however, it is now in beta. It may ultimately help Microsoft to acquire a competitive edge over its rivals in the future.



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