Microsoft just slammed Google Chrome's biggest problem

Microsoft just slammed Google Chrome's biggest problem

Microsoft just slammed Google Chrome's biggest problem

Microsoft Edge does not now support browser extensions - a must-have feature you'll find in every other browser used in Microsoft's lab-controlled test.

There are many reasons Microsoft would like you to stop using Chrome - mainly, so you could use Edge instead.

Microsoft Edge manages to outlast all of its rivals, with Google Chrome lasting just four hours and 19 minutes, compared to seven hours and 22 minutes for Edge.

In the other test, the browsers were put through an automated cycle of opening sites, scrolling through articles, watching videos, and opening new tabs.

"Microsoft may be able to make further inroads into the browser market with Edge, but it'll take more than a new operating system to unseat Chrome's dominance". However, it's also clear that Microsoft has made power efficiency one of its top priorities, so we can expect Edge to be relatively efficient compared to most browsers.

Microsoft just slammed Google Chrome's biggest problem

Despite that, Microsoft Edge is not a popular option among Windows 10 users.

Microsoft Edge has been built to maximize your PC's potential when you're browsing the web with multiple open tabs.

Although it is probably the most used internet browser, it has always been discussed that Chrome is awful for your battery. It aggregated telemetry from "millions" of Windows 10 devices worldwide, using actual readings from real consumers rather than lab devices. Firefox last roughly 50 minutes longer, while Opera gave up after 6 hours and 18 minutes. This means that Microsoft's browser lasted 70% longer than Google's. That result also showed Edge offering lower power consumption than Chrome and Firefox-Opera was curiously omitted from this result. The data presented above is consistent with a real world and reiterates the fact that Edge is more efficient than its competitors. A more energy efficient version of the new Edge browser will ship with the upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update, along with a few more technical expansions.

Background tabs will become more power efficient, thanks to the improved JavaScript timers implementation. Additional changes include more efficient Flash content that runs in a separate process and can be independently monitored, optimisations throughout Windows networking and Wi-Fi connections and improvements to the Edge user interface itself, all of which combine to make Edge even less power hungry than it is today.

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