Microsoft tests new Windows tool to remove OEM crapware

A new tool to give your PC a fresh start: “We've heard from many of you that are attempting to perform a clean installation of Windows that it can sometimes be hard to get started. Since after its launch previous year, the OS has been improved significantly with the integration of quite a few new features such as Mobile device notifications on PC and messaging from PC. It makes it more reliable and faster and fixes the emoji issue, which appeared as boxes on the PC”. Microsoft also fixed a flaw that would cause certain captchas to display incorrectly. In all cases, they will have to reinstall applications, including Microsoft Office and third-party programs, and probably download and install new device drivers, either through Windows Update or from the individual websites of the PC maker, graphics card manufacturer and the like.

This is identical to what "refresh this PC" offers when you select it to start over. The browser add-on provides quick access to the Web-based versions of Office applications along with files stored on Microsoft's cloud, courtesy of OneDrive and OneDrive for Business integrations. Microsoft is now adding a third option: a new refresh tool.

Over the course of next four days, the team will also be publishing multiple quests inside Feedback Hub that will highlight different areas of the product. Microsoft said it has been built as a response to requests from users.



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