Microsoft unveils plans for 4K, virtual reality gaming console

At E3 2016, Sony took the time to get fans hyped up for the upcoming PlayStation VR. The headset will retail at $399, which is now less than Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

The PlayStation VR is Sony's answer to the virtual reality craze that has hit the tech industry recently. The company also showed off a slew of those, adding that there will be 50 games available for the platform before the end of the year.

Other PS VR titles include first-person sci-fi shooter Farpoint, Star Wars Battlefront, Batman Arkham VR, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, and, of course, Final Fantasy XV.

It was a surprise that even though Microsoft announced the Xbox One S and Xbox One Scorpio at E3 2016, Sony kept silent about their next generation PS4 Neo Console.

The virtual reality PlayStation VR controller connects to the PlayStation 4 console allowing users to "experience games in an entirely new way". All we know is that the new Xbox One will be compatible with VR devices.

Sony's European president Jim Ryan said that he is not surprised by what Microsoft revealed at E3 this year.

"What we can say is that we have a fertile ground of 40m PS4s, all of which will run PlayStation VR". A descendant of the old PlayStation Move SharpShooter, the Aim Controller promises direct 1:1 tracking, so the virtual gun will point at wherever you point it at in real life.

Sony has previously said the new console will be a more powerful version of the PS4.

Also interesting, House revealed that the general pricing structure for VR games will range between $20 - $40, though some may be higher or lower than that.

Many of these titles were newly announced tonight, making it all the more exciting.

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