Reality Steve Bachelorette Spoilers: JoJo's Final 4, Final 2 And Winner!

The final four luck guys who get to take JoJo on hometown dates are: Chase McNary, Luke Pell, Robby Hayes and Jordan Rodgers. You know, the typical romantic stuff you want out of a first date.

Even though JoJo admits it's "awkward", the chemistry between her and Chase is undeniable and they even share a steamy kiss right in the middle of the studio while she's straddling him!

The Bachelorette Milestone: Private concert! "Chase is very chiselled", JoJo says in the trailer for the episode adding, "There is like an attraction there, for sure".

The next day, JoJo went on a date with James T., who soldiered through swing dance lessons with her. After the lesson, they showed off their moves during a swing dancing flash mob that would have easily gone viral back in the day - that is, if YouTube existed.

The Texas-born real-estate developer returned to the Bachelor mansion for her journey as the Bachelorette and the explosive 12th season now features 17 suitors all hoping to put a ring on the 25-year-old by season's end.

"Chad has two completely different personalities". The entire monologue was indirectly pointed at weightlifting junkie Chad, who reacted by tearing some of the fabric of Evan's shirt as he passed him. While the other guys took the opportunity in stride, Chad had qualms - claiming that JoJo didn't know him well enough to hear about such intimate things. Obviously, we already have security on site all day and night, but to make everyone feel a little better, we brought a security guard up into the house. Lots of photos of the concert portion of this date emerged on social media and it looks like they had a great time. Embarrassed and angry, Chad skulked out of the theater and punched a door - which as we know, is the ultimate sign of showing people how angry and strong you are.

The After Party: At the after party, which appears to be held in an antique store, JoJo takes some alone time with Jordan first and he tells her that he has learned from his past mistakes. She turns and gives him her cheek.

"I feel like there are two sides of Chad", he said.

Most contenders rose to the challenge - Grant shared a gem of a sex story involving two sleeping bags zipped together, the park and cops - but Evan opted for a PSA against steroids while implying Chad's drama-prone behavior was a result of his use of the drug. Talk about a lose-lose for JoJo.

The Bachelorette spoilers detail that Tuesday's show will include a group date where 11 of the men join Fletcher at Heinz Field for a football-related outing. After pinning the rose on Evan, Jo Jo goes to sit and talk with the men.

Is there a rose in Chad's future? While she appreciated Evan's honesty, she was torn between the two. JoJo gifts Chase with the date rose, securing his spot in the lineup of hunky guys for another week. He earns the rose, and a spot in her heart. Chad and Jordan apparently get into a physical confrontation and other guys go wild. In a well meaning attempt to ameliorate the situation, Chad's one friend, Damn Daniel, offers him some friendly historical advice: "Maybe be not so much like Hitler and be more like Mussolini, ya know?"

Daniel: Let's just pretend you're Hitler. Well, if you're even remotely self aware. "My life is my business", Chad said, seemingly forgetting that he voluntarily chose to participate on a risqué dating show. JoJo has nixed the cocktail party in exchange for a pool party. And Chad lets that anger show when Evan tries to return to his seat.

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