The secret history of casino

The secret history of casino

The secret history of casino

You can not find these facts inside your student’s books. They are still unknown to almost all of us. And we are giving them to you! So, be careful with this knowledge inside the best online casino.

If you want to know more about casinos, you are at the right place or you can go and play casino online.

Did you know that the Great Russian geographer and explorer Nikolai Przewalski had an uncommon passion for card games? Witnesses wrote that "He was drawn irresistibly to the cards!". It is known that Nikolai at the expense of the funds that he won in cards prepared and implemented a scientific expedition.

It is a fact that from the 43 US presidents 19 openly declared that they were playing cards on the money. However, the most famous gambler was President Richard Nixon. During the Second World War, Nixon brilliantly beat his colleagues in cards. He was so lucky that received money was enough even to hold 1946 presidential election campaign. So, you can probably start to gather the money from your gambling victories to the next presidential campaign?

The historical birthplace of playing cards is China, but the modern form of cards was found in France. For example, the Chinese game Keno was created 200 years before the Christian era. There is a legend that from the income of the Keno games was built the Great Wall of China.

In Russia, the first cards have appeared in the time of Ivan the Terrible kingdom, and when the Alexis have taken the throne, cards had already been outlawed. Playing cards had been equated to the crime. There is a version that the card games were brought to Russia by the Ukrainian Cossacks, who saw the card games in Europe.

Initially, the name of card suits was invented by the Germans, and the modern look they have received through the French. Acorns - clubs; roses - hearts; grape leaves - spades; bells - diamonds.

According to some estimates the total revenue from all casinos that exist in the world rose past $ 100 billion.

The erstwhile leader of the US gambling has given way to the gambling capital in Singapore and China, and the Chinese region of Macau.


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