Yellowstone visitor issued hefty fine for leaving boardwalk to collect water

Yellowstone Fines Visitor $1000 For Walking Off Boardwalk

Yellowstone visitor issued hefty fine for leaving boardwalk to collect water

Regulations to stay on designated trails and boardwalks in thermal areas are for visitor safety and the safety of the exceptional park natural resources.

The tourist must also face court after being photographed going rogue around Wyoming's Mammoth Hot Springs thermal area on Tuesday.

Many states around the country have statutes making it illegal to collect water from natural sources like rain. The visitor also reported seeing the individual break through the fragile travertine crust.

Park officials said the unnamed visitor was spotted walking on the terrace near the Liberty Cap formation and collecting water from the thermal runoff.

The man told rangers he did not read the safety information given to him when he entered the park.

"The irreplaceable nature of the thermal feature weighed heavily in the court's decision to levy such a stiff fine", Reid said in an emailed response to questions about the case.

Since opening for the season in April, Yellowstone has been plagued with a variety of incidents involving damaging behavior by park visitors.

Last month, a baby bison had to be euthanised after well-meaning tourists became concerned for its safety and transported it to a ranger station in the back of their SUV. Later, park officials said they had to euthanize the calf.

A day after Scott's death, six people received $130 citations for walking off trail in the Grand Prismatic Springs area.

Park regulations require visitors to stay at least 25 yards away from wildlife such as bison, elk, and deer. A 23-year-old man died June 7 when he left the boardwalk and fell into an acidic hot spring at the Norris Geyser Basin.

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