Amid South Sudan evacuations, some locals are turned back

More than 300 people including civilians were killed in the violence.

Analysts say the declaration of the Monday ceasefire has partly shown the effectiveness of the unity government to restore stability but the reforms are still required to restore political stability.

According to the United Nations, there were some 114,000 South Sudanese refugees in neighboring countries before December 2013 but that figure has ballooned to 835,000 now. He added that priority would be given to the families and children and the elderly. About 100 Germans are now in South Sudan; including 15 military observers with the United Nations mission (UNMISS) who will remain in the country.

There has been no official death toll from the recent flare-up but at least five soldiers died last Thursday and a health ministry source said 272 people, including 33 civilians, were killed on Friday.

The MEA advisory also reminded the Indian Nationals that more flights will be pressed into service if necessary. operation Sankat Mochan means that the one who delivers others from trouble mythologically it is the other name of Lord Hanuman.

Germany's foreign office said those evacuated on Wednesday included three wounded Chinese peacekeepers from the United Nations mission in South Sudan.

The two Indian Air Force C-17 Globemasters that the government has sent to evacuate Indians stranded in South Sudan, which has been hit by violence that has claimed hundreds of lives, will be back in India Friday, first stopping at Thiruvananthapuram and then proceeding to New Delhi, the external affairs ministry stated Thursday.

Fighting between rival South Sudanese troops began a week ago in the capital Juba.

Uganda's army chief Brigadier Leopold Kyanda said the mission involving 2,000 soldiers would likely last "two to three days".

Government forces overran the opposition base in Jebel on Monday, leaving the opposition forces with only their camp in the Gudele area as a foothold in Juba, said William Gatjiath Deng, opposition spokesman.

The fighting has threatened a peace deal reached in August between Kiir and rebel leader Riek Machar, which called for a transitional government including members of both sides.

Sudan said it planned to evacuate more than 3,000 of its nationals living across South Sudan. We lost many relatives.

"We hope and expect the South Sudanese to bury the hatchet", he said, but added, "If push comes to shove, we'll have to carry the burden through strengthening the troop numbers".

The conflict severely affected the ability of the global humanitarian agencies to reach people caught up in the crossfire. "Pls move out of South Sudan", Swaraj said in a series of tweets.

The conflict has witnessed horrific atrocities between the two groups, including gang rapes, the wholesale burning of villages and even cannibalism.

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