Baby Born in Texas With Microcephaly Linked to Zika

Zika Virus

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On Monday, the eighth case of a Mississippian contracting Zika was confirmed by the Mississippi State Department of Health.

The baby was born in Harris County, where Houston is located.

The Zika outbreak rampaging through Latin America will likely burn itself out in the next two to three years, based on the fact that people develop immunity to the virus after an initial infection, British scientists said on Thursday. HCPH says it received a positive Zika test result for a baby who has been diagnosed with microcephaly at birth. It can have life-long repercussions, including developmental problems, balance, hearing and vision, and more.

The model predicts that large-scale transmission will not take place for at least another 10 years, by when there will be a new generation which has not been exposed to the zika virus.

Officials from Columbus Public Health say the young woman in her 20's traveled to Saint Lucia, a region known to be affected by the outbreak. As of June 29, the City of Houston had recorded 11 of these cases, and the HCPH said last week that it had confirmed seven other cases in the surrounding areas in Harris County.

"This particular mosquito bites during the day", said Yourdon. This assessment is based on the state's past experience with dengue, a similar virus spread by the same mosquitoes, and on the prevalent use of window screens, air conditioning, insect repellent and other mosquito control efforts in Texas. The mosquito that transmits the Zika virus in Central America, South America, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Puerto Rico is not present in Broome County at this time. "Because Zika poses serious health risks for babies born to women who contracted the virus during pregnancy, the kits include health education materials and prevention tools to avoid mosquito bites and sexual transmission of the disease to pregnant women".

It's the first Zika-related microcephaly case in the state.

Texas has no reported cases of the virus transmitted by mosquitoes in Texas and there are no cases of mosquito transmission of the virus in the continental U.S.

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