Dallas shooting survivor says officers saved her life

"And they stayed there with us, and I saw another officer get shot", she said, breaking into tears.

"It was hundreds of rounds", she said, "shots all around us".

Authorities say Johnson killed five police officers and wounded seven others and two civilians during an attack at a protest over last week's killings by police of black men in Louisiana and Minnesota.

"If it was going to happen to one of my sons it was going to have to happen to me first", she said. "I'm so sorry that they lost their lives, but I'm thankful". Hopefully more details about Taylor's story and her heroic efforts to fight for what she believes in and save her sons will emerge in the next few days.

She stressed that most police officers deserve praise and not all of them are "out to get us".

"She pushed him in between two cars and the curb", Williams said. It really was peaceful.

The gunman in the deadly attack on Dallas police had plans for a larger assault and possessed enough explosive material to inflict far greater harm, the city's police chief and top elected official said. "And we all looked".

San Antonio police say shots fired overnight near the department headquarters hit the building, but nobody was hurt. Taylor said through tears. "And my kids started running". She still doesn't know if the two officers who were shot in front of her lived through the night.

When the shooting first erupted, Taylor had glimpsed her eldest son, Kavion Washington, grab 12-year-old Jermar and pull him into a garage entrance. Andrew, 15, turned around to make sure their mother was close.

"I had never heard a gunshot or even seen a real gun", he said, only "in video games".

Shetamia Taylor reportedly "threw herself over her sons" during the shooting, according to the Associated Press. Another police officer appeared, asking if anyone had been shot.

But he didn't know how, "and I didn't want to be by myself". Another took a place at their feet, another at their heads.

"It was a pause and then it was a second shot", Taylor said.

The shooting let up, possibly as the gunman moved to another position. The officers carried her into a squad auto, rushing her and her son to the hospital. Others came from their homes.

Her husband, Lavar Taylor, also thought it was a good idea.

She explained how it's possible to be pro-police and still seek change in communication and race relations.

Andrew was crying for police to move them, but they said it wasn't safe. "Where do we go?"

The chief defended the decision to kill Johnson using a robot-delivered bomb, saying negotiations went nowhere and trying to "get him" in some other way would have put his officers in danger. "Sometimes, just be quiet and think first". She underwent surgery on Friday.

"I just kept praying for everyone: for my sons to be safe, for the officers", she said. "Of course I'm thankful that my babies are OK".

Taylor added that she's always admired police officers, and that admiration has only increased.

"I don't think he made it", she said. "I'm not an activist, I'm not a politician. I don't know if it bounced off the ground or what, but I felt it when it hit me in the back of my leg", she said.

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