Egypt Foreign Minister Visits Israel

Speaking during a rare visit to Israel, the Egyptian foreign minister says Egypt remains a "steadfast and unwavering" supporter of the two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Sameh Shoukry's visit is the first visit for an Egyptian foreign minister to Tel Aviv since 2007, which aims to give a push to the Palestinian-Israeli peace process.

Egypt's Minister of Foreign Affairs called on Sunday for the renewal of peace negotiations between Palestine and Israel and reaffirmed Egypt's commitment to reaching a peaceful solution.

During the press conference with Prime Minister Netanyahu, he said, "Today I am in Israel to continue this dialogue". Shoukry visited Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank last month.

He added that the vision of two states living side by side was "not far-fetched" and called for confidence-building measures that could lead to renewed peace talks.

An Israeli official said Netanyahu asked Shoukry for Egypt's help in returning the bodies of two Israeli soldiers held by Hamas in Gaza, as well as two Israeli civilians detained by the Islamist movement in the Palestinian enclave.

Sisi presented the Arab peace initiative of 2002 as a way ahead. In particular, the two are now sharing intelligence in a common battle against Islamic State militants operating in Egypt's Sinai desert and the Gaza Strip.

Netanyahu told Shoukry that he welcomes the Egyptian president " s initiative to revive the peace process.

The ministry spokesperson Ahmed Abou Zaid said earlier that Shoukry will hold extensive discussions with Netanyahu.

Israeli authorities have embarked last month on investigating Netanyahu's alleged connections with French businessman Arnaut Mimran, who was recently found guilty by a French court over a massive fraud case.

Netanyahu, leading one of the most right-wing governments in Israeli history, said that he opposes the French gambit and other worldwide efforts, such as parallel moves in the United Nations.

It is possible that for both sides, the outreach is more about Israel-Egypt relations than the Palestinian cause.

First elected to Israel's top office two decades ago, Netanyahu has weathered several scandals, including a police investigation and state audits into his family's spending.

Global pressure to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict comes after 10 months of ongoing violence which claimed the lives of 34 Israelis and 215 Palestinians.

Netanyahu visited Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Ethiopia, where he discussed increased cooperation with local leaders, including on matters of technology and security.

Israel captured the West Bank and east Jerusalem in the 1967 war.

Expanding its illegal occupation, the Israeli government has approved $13 million for new settlements in the West Bank, Al-Jazeera reported Monday.

The Israeli government has approved almost $13 million in financing for the occupied West Bank settlements of Kiryat Arba and Hebron, according to officials.

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