IPhone 7 detailed in four colors

But the first really compelling evidence came in March, with a leaked image of a set of Apple earpods. In January reports from China backed up the rumors, claiming Apple expected people to primarily rely on wireless headphones going forward.

As the launch of iPhone 7 approaches, rumours and leaks surrounding the next iteration of world's most popular lineup of smartphones are coming from all possible directions. This rumor was later refined to mean "deepest blue" as in almost-black, harkening back to the iPhone 5 Slate color.

Now, about these antenna lines, it looks like, for some reason, Apple is digging its heels in and insists on keeping them white when it's absolutely clear that the iPhone would look one million times better if they were painted in the same color as the phone.

The new batch of iPhones will also likely ditch the standard 3.5mm audio jack and instead support lightening connector-based heaphones, or wireless solutions.

Following that a patent for a type of headphones that could work both wirelessly and via the Lightning port emerged in April. But it really does appear that Apple is dumping the headphone jack for iPhone 7 (check out why we don't think that really matters here - iPhone 7 headphone jack). The Pro and Plus variants would be featuring the dual cameras and larger battery lives. We've reason to believe that the slightly more quarterpipe-like groove is more accurate than the lump we've seen in the past.

Recently, we saw the leaked pictures of the upcoming lightning earpods, now Apple news and reviews site Macitynet has leaked a picture showing upcoming iPhone 7 molds in four colors, which as per reports are Rose Gold, Space Gray, Gold, and Silver.

Which brings us to now.

Previous leaked photos of internal parts suggested Apple was looking to swap the round Touch ID Home Button from a physical switch in favour of a solid piece of glass that responds with haptic feedback when pushed, like the 3D Touch display on the iPhone 6S.

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