ISIL suspects jailed pending trial over Istanbul airport attack

ISIL suspects jailed pending trial over Istanbul airport attack

ISIL suspects jailed pending trial over Istanbul airport attack

A Turkish news agency says two suspected Islamic State operatives have been detained at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport, which was the scene of last week's deadly triple suicide bombing-and-gun attack.

Authorities have identified the bombers as a Russian, an Uzbek and a Kyrgyz national.

He said that Russian Federation had consistently supported cooperation between all states in fighting terrorism, which was a universal threat.

Yesterday he described the Sunni hardline group as a "dagger plunged into the chest of Muslims". The court will decide whether to jail them pending trial or release them, it said.

He also said that in 2016 alone, 1,654 people had been detained, of which 791 people were foreigners; adding: "Of those detained, 663 have been remanded in custody, of which 371 were foreigners".

The Istanbul bombing was followed by major attacks in Bangladesh, Iraq and Saudi Arabia in the past week, all apparently timed for the run-up to Hari Raya Aidilfitri, the holiday marking the end of the Ramadan holy fasting month.

"The attack was launched as part of Daesh operations and bears the mark of its methods", Erdogan said, using another name for the IS group.

ISIL suspects jailed pending trial over Istanbul airport attack

Daesh is an Arabic acronym for Islamic State.

Interior Minister Efkan Ala said on Tuesday that 15 of 30 people remanded in custody were foreigners from various countries.

Turkey jailed 17 suspects on Tuesday, July 5, mostly foreigners, over last week's suicide bombing at Istanbul's main airport, which President Tayyip Erdogan described as the work of ISIS militants from the ex-Soviet Union.

According to Anadolu, prosecutors have established the identity of two of the three airport attackers giving their names as Rakim Bulgarov and Vadim Osmanov and were trying to identify the third. The third militant detonated his explosives outside at the entrance to the worldwide arrivals terminal.

Of more than 200 people injured, 49 are still in hospital including 17 in intensive care.

"Most often, these signals from the Russian side have not received proper attention or any sort of reactions from our colleagues", Peskov told reporters. "To our regret, these (Istanbul attacks) can be a outcome of such disregard". Russian Federation fought two wars against Chechen separatists in the North Causcasus in the 1990s, and more recently has fought Islamist insurgents in Dagestan.

Turkey has been rocked by a series of attacks over the past year, blamed on both Daesh militants and Kurdish rebels.

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