Key takeaways from Zakir Naik's press conference

Suicide Attack Can be Used as War Tactic Says Zakir Naik

Naik had denied he ever said that all Muslims should be terrorists saying the video which allegedly showed him doing so was doctored

Islamic preacher Zakir Naik on July 15 claimed that he did not inspire any terrorist. "But it can be used as a tactic in wars to save the country". "I don't know who they are", Naik said.

Naik also questioned why the media is relying on a doctored clip, or an answer which is out of context, saying, "I challenge you to show my any unedited clip". Responding to allegations made against him, he said: "I am a messenger of peace".

Dismissing reports that he advocated suicide bombings, Naik said: "Suicide bombings where innocent are killed is haraam".

He added, "I condemn all terror attacks anywhere in the world, will speak for hours if needed". Naik, who had cancelled his press conference this morning, spoke to reporters via Skype from Saudi Arabia where he had gone a religious tour.

Earlier, Naik clarified, "I do not support terrorism or violence in any form whatsoever".

They will also return to suspects interrogated for links with ISIS to learn whether they also had links with Naik.

"There are some other speakers on Islam who preach that when you kill others or non-Muslims, you will attain paradise".

He wrote: "If Dr Zakir Naik has said something which violates the Law of Land why is GOI and Govt of Maharashtra shying to register case against him?"

His sermons are telecast on Peace TV, run by his Islamic Research Foundation, and he also organises public lectures. "But such speakers are actually misguiding the people, misrepresenting facts and are anti-Quran", Naik said. "Those who do that should be held responsible", he added.

On Monday, in a statement to the media, Dr Zakir Naik claimed he had been subjected to a media trial and that the clips shown on the TV were taken out of context.

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