'Kim Kardashian of Pakistan' Allegedly Murdered by Brother in 'Honor Killing'

Instagram qandeelbalochquebee

Instagram qandeelbalochquebee

The brother of Qandeel Baloch, the Pakistani social media star who was strangled to death Friday in an "honor killing", confessed to killing his sister Saturday after being apprehended by police and defended his actions while speaking to the press. Her videos are watched millions of times.

Her videos were similar to the thousands of others shared by 20-something social media celebrities around the Internet - she pouted like a kitten into the camera, discussed her various hairstyles and shared cooing confessions from her bedroom about her celebrity crushes. "I gave her a tablet and then strangled her", he said.

"I will bounce back", she said, adding she wanted to inspire women who have been "treated badly and dominated by society".

Her controversial pictures recently led to the suspension of Mufti Qawi's membership from the Ruet-e-Hilal committee.

Her killing has shocked the South Asian country.

There were no signs of bleeding and she seemed to have been strangled to death, a police officer said. The brother fled after murdering Qandeel, whose real name is Fauzia Azeem. He said that Waseem, 25, also came to meet them on July 14.

He alleged that Waseem, who was against Qandeel working in showbiz, had taken this extreme step at the behest of his brother Mohammad Aslam Shaheen.

Despite that, she continued to be outspoken in her beliefs, saying in one recent Facebook post that "At least worldwide media can see what i am up to".

She had received threats from her family to quit modeling and her provocative appearances on social media.

Three weeks before her murder, Qandeel wrote to Interior Minister and the Senior Superintendent of Police in Islamabad asking them to provide her security as she was getting threatening calls on her mobile number.

Model Qandeel Baloch's funeral prayer has been offered in Dera Ghazi Khan's Shah Sadar Din area on Sunday, 24 News reported.

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