Kristen Bell to Donald Trump: 'get ur head outta ur ass'

Donald J. Trump at Sharonville Convention Center

Donald J. Trump at Sharonville Convention Center Tana Weingartner WVXU

Newt Gingrich on Thursday defended Donald Trump's controversial tweet about Hillary Clinton featuring the Star of David over a field of money, telling CNN there was nothing anti-Semitic about the image and that the recent uproar was an "absurd" and "demagogic" attack orchestrated by the media.

Clinton, referencing the Disney movie featured in Trump's tweet, fired back at her GOP rival late Wednesday. Tweets like the one he posted Wednesday night are further proof of that fact.

In the latest installment to the long-running trash fire that is the US presidential election, Donald Trump published a tweet that accused Disney's Frozen of being anti-semetic.

The image featuring a star originated on a racist, anti-Semitic message board popular with "neo-Nazis, anti-Semites and white supremacists" that was later posted on Twitter by a racist user.

Kristen Bell to Donald Trump: 'get ur head outta ur ass'

The former House speaker, who is one of the top candidates to be Trump's vice presidential nominee on the Republican ticket, said in a phone interview with CNN Thursday that he was "very angry" about what he considered to be "the media's deliberate distortion". This time, it was over a since-deleted tweet he sent out depicting a red, six-pointed star that many interpreted as a Star of David.

He also points out that Trump has been a consistent and strong opponent of President Obama's and Mrs. Clinton's support for the Iran nuclear deal; and has expressed support for Israel's right to grant building permits in Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria. You know they took the star down!' he exclaimed.

Kristen Bell blasted Donald Trump after he dragged Disney film Frozen into his anti-semitism row.

"I really believe he has to clean up the way his (social) media works", Ryan said on the Charlie Sykes radio program.

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