Michael Gove sacked as Theresa May clears out the Cameron team

Michael Gove sacked as Theresa May clears out the Cameron team

Michael Gove sacked as Theresa May clears out the Cameron team

Mr Gove was close to both Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne, who were seen as key members of the so-called "Notting Hill set" dedicated to modernising the Tory image. With the ongoing Cabinet re-shuffle still underway, this has left open the UK's number one governmental job which represents British farmers and countryside issues.

Oliver Letwin, an early champion of the Cameron leadership and a Cabinet minister since 2010, was also dismissed.

"The lead and the tone will be set by the Prime Minister".

Junior ministerial appointments will then follow as Mrs May sets about creating a government driven not by the interests of "the privileged few" but those of voters struggling with the pressures of modern life.

Theresa May's arrival at Downing Street began with a pledge to listen to those outside the Westminster bubble. We will do everything we can to give you more control over your lives'.

In a cabinet reshuffle following her successful leadership bid, new United Kingdom prime minister Theresa May has chosen to sack her former rival.

South West Norfolk MP Elizabeth truss has been appointed at the new Justice Secretary.

Philip Hammond became chancellor, Amber Rudd is home secretary, and Eurosceptic David Davis is new Brexit secretary.

He tweeted: "It's been an enormous privilege to serve for the last six years".

After visiting Buckingham Palace, where she was formally appointed as prime minister by the Queen, Mrs May made her first speech outside 10 Downing Street.

Former shadow education secretary Lucy Powell said the departure of the two secretaries of state to have overseen schools during the Cameron years would be welcomed by teachers.

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